Project H is about fusing physical and digital realities through a modernised approach to the theatre illusion 'Peppers Ghost'. This Animation is a story is about an artificially intelligent being falling in love with a human. This video is then projected onto a large piece of Perspex which creates a Holographic Illusion/ Modernised Peppers Ghost.

This Piece was a new direction for my work, learning how to use green screens and motion tracking, cinematography and most importantly the basics of holograms. The Final piece was For a Sound designer whom had worked with 2 talented dancers to create the idea he was looking for and brought me in, to bring it to life. It was an audio space that used full surround to create the sense of place that combined with the pitch black room and only visuals being provided from the hologram in the centre, it was surreal. 

Below is the final Hologram that was generated, it was projected on to an array of mirrors and finally landing on some transparent plastic, forming the hologram. We discovered early on that it required a powerful projector with a large amount of lumens.

Go and check out my talented Friend: Liam Iliffe
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